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About Me

Join me to connect with living well in our bodies.

My Story

My work is informed by my own personal experience of living from a stressful place.  I was searching for balance amid multiple co-occurring stressors while coping with losses and transitions.

After earning my degree in Psychology and Sociology, I married, had three children, and entered the corporate world.  

In 2007 I met a wall and experienced overwhelm, anxiety and stress to my body and mind.   I realized that the priority of others had taken over all aspects of my life.

By the age of 42, I stood exhausted, depleted, at the end of my marriage and struggling with a thyroid condition.

Wake up call for me.

I asked myself: “What if I could free myself from anxiety, worry and exhaustion?” “What if I learned to set boundaries, speak up for what I need, and started really trusting myself?” 

And so began my healing journey. I received training in mind-body healing techniques including coaching, EFT, Access Bars and Meditation.

In 2015 I was introduced to TRE® and it led me on a new personal journey.  My personal transformation convinced me to become a Certified TRE® Provider. 

I began to feel I was not stuck or broken.  And that I had the power to heal. Learning TRE® allowed me to feel safe in my body, trusting it to lead the way for my healing and growth.

I now have a whole toolbox of somatic ways to interact with my feelings, honor, and process them. And life is so much better. My relationships are now more connected and joyous.  That’s because TRE® works on your inner world, and as that changes, your outer world changes too.

I offer a sacred space where, together, we can connect mindfully with our body for healing and connection, resulting in more grace, meaning and purpose.


  • BA (Psychology)
  • Trauma Release Exercises (TRE ®) Certified Provider
  • Access Bars Certified Facilitator
  • Heartfulness Meditation
  • Coaching

You’re invited…

On a journey to freedom and autonomy

This Is for you if you want:

  • A new possible outcome after transition and loss.

  • A mind-body approach that calms and rejuvenates you.

  • To expand your capacity for holding space for all of you.

Unwind the emotional body

to experience greater peace, calmness & freedom in your life.