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Let's Begin

You’re at the right place

Are there patterns in your body holding you back?

Let’s bring ourselves into the moment.
Ground ourselves & let go of what has happened out there.

Rediscover and reclaim your peace & joy in living.

Free Intro Session

Individual Session

$80 / 60 min – online

6 x 60 min Energy Shift Session Bundle

$330 - online

How can I support you?

The journey to finding the right healing for you can be emotional and stressful.

How can I support you on your journey?

I offer a free 30-minutre zoom consultation

The Flow of a One-on-One Session:

One-on-Ones and Group Sessions are 60 minutes and are done remotely via Zoom

They are completely confidential and private.

After booking the first appointment, Monique will send you a short questionnaire to fill in so she can understand where you are currently both physically and emotionally and what you need help with.

Free 30-minute introductory session


Schedule and pay for your session. A 60-minute session is $80


As part of the process you fill out a form sharing what you are experiencing and what you would like to work on together.


We will meet together on Zoom – a link provided in session confirmation email.


You will need space to be on the floor as well as standing.  Wear loose comfortable clothing for ease of movement & have a yoga mat / blankets to lie comfortably on the floor.


I will demonstrate the simple exercises for light stretching and evoking the neurogenic tremors which you will follow.


As you tremor, I will be holding space for you. At the end there is always an integration phase where you will lie relaxed and calm on the yoga mat.

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