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What is TRE®?

Our body doesn’t forget

until we find a way


shake it off

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Frequently asked questions

What is TRE®?

TRE® is a body-based therapy which relieves stress and repressed emotions through self-induced therapeutic tremors: literally shaking off those negative feelings that have built into physical patterns of stress. Intrigued? It’s a health and wellness tool to pull yourself out of survival mode.  More calm, better boundaries, more sense of self, more authenticity, releasing hypervigilance, sadness, and stress

How does TRE® support overwhelm, anxiety and stress?

Stress and anxiety result result in broken connection.  It impacts our relationship to ourselves, to our ground, our body and to our higher power.  We can feel remote and isolated. Loss, heartbreak, and change will keep us feeling disconnected. Sadness, anger, and anxiety that comes with loss can be overwhelming. How could it not? Grief is exhausting.

Our stored stress & pain shows up as a stuck pattern in our physical body. And it effects the movement of our body and our thoughts. When we don’t address it, it can lead to chronic, low-grade, long-term impact on the body, mind, and our life. 

TRE supports us with our empowerment and safety.  A TRE session will leave you feeling of being held – totally safe in your own body.  When we give ourselves the safety we want, first, we become more resilient and increase our overall well-being and have a more embodied life.

How does TRE® Work?

TRE® is a simple, gentle, and profound technique that involves a simple set of movements that turns on our body’s natural re-balancing process – providing immediate relaxation. Through a series of simple exercises, the body safely releases deeply held muscle contractions.


It is a natural and innate process that all mammals (including humans) possess and TRE® is a method designed to unlock your own mechanism of tremoring organic involuntary movement that it wants to make. The TRE® movements mildly tire the legs, triggering an involuntary shaking and trembling response, which begins in the legs and often spreads throughout the body.

What is the shaking/tremoring in a TRE® session?

The shaking is part of the recovery process is good – supporting the discharge of stored up grief, loss, and tension.  The neurogenic tremors unwind us, releasing muscular bracing, letting go of immobility.  Restoring our innate capacity to move and calm our nervous system.  The tremoring is a skill that we can control when want to and also a skill that we can relax and allow.

As the client, am I always in charge of my shaking/tremoring in a TRE® session?

Yes. You are taught how to “find the brakes”.  You learn how to start and stop the movements at will.  Therefore, you can regulate the intensity while tremoring.  You are always 100% in control of the process.

Can I use TRE® with other modalities/tools?

Yes, TRE supports and integrates well with other tools we may use e.g., meditation, physical gym, yoga, talk therapy etc. It can be used in conjunction with most other modalities and therapies.

What are the neuroplastic effects of long-term use of TRE®?

People who keep using TRE discover that it’s much more than a “release-tension-process”.  It’s a practice to optimize our health and wellness, build our resilience, improve emotional recovery in all aspects, including our relationship with ourselves and others.

🤍 Within minutes of tremoring: our symptoms reduce as body rebalances to homeostasis resulting in functional neuroplasticity changes.

🤍 Short term (weeks of regular TRE):  there is an increase in connections between neurons in the system.  Healing, growth, and repair capacity increase resulting in synaptic neuroplasticity.

🤍 Medium term (months of tremoring):  Change in the quality of the neurons themselves.  The system is becoming stronger, reorganized, and efficient.

🤍 Long term (years of tremoring): changes in neurons and connection is stable and constant.  The system is functional and self-correcting. There is a new improved baseline because of entire systemic neuroplasticity.

I’ve never done TRE® before. What should I expect?

The first time I took a TRE® class, I was SO nervous. I was afraid I wouldn’t do it right. Turns out, you can’t really do it wrong. It’s about listening to your body and my voice as I’ll be offering reminders to breath and self-regulate. Often, there is a lot of laughter, a lot of smiles, some tears. And trust me…. we’ve got this.


Throughout the session there is safe coregulation and attunement with me, so you feel very safe in your body.  The session regulating and grounding and can feel blissful and relaxing as your nervous system relaxes and says ok, I can move through this. A session with me is never pushy, cathartic and is not about hacking our nervous system or overriding your fear. I always ensure that we continually stay in your comfort zone.

What should I bring?

Have your space set-up: yoga mat or blanket to lie on.  Extra blanket, cushions, or pillows to make yourself comfortable.

Check that your space will be free from distractions (phone, noise, people walking in).  Pets are welcome!

Be familiar with your device.  Video will be one.  Sound will be on during the session – this allows me to offer suggestions on your process.

Who can do TRE®?

​TRE® is accessible to all ages. It is not suitable for those who are pregnant or who have had surgery in the last 3 months.

Benefits of TRE®?

🤍 It’s simple.
🤍 And you can do it lying down, even while watching TV.
🤍 Do it when travelling, at home, when and where it works for you.
🤍 Gently promotes release and healing of emotions associated with loss and grief.
🤍 Helps manage challenges of everyday living after loss.
🤍 Builds resilience instead of bracing in the body.
🤍 Feel more grounded, relaxed, and connected to yourself and others.

What do clients say about TRE®?

“I feel so relaxed.”

“This is my first experience with really listening to my body.”

“I feel like I’ve had a deep tissue massage, very relaxed and rejuvenated.” 

“It feels like coming home.”

“Clearing out old stuff and ready for new.”

“Play and enjoy my body in a safe space.”

I feel whole!

“It feels like my dimmer switch is turned up.”

Advantages of TRE
  • Allows an individual to release built-up tension from the body without having to revisit the trauma itself (by speaking about it or recalling memories).
  • It’s an excellent method of stress-relief, and in the long run, leaves participants feeling lighter and more focused.
  • TRE® is designed to be a self-help tool that, once learned, can be used independently as needed throughout one’s life, thereby continuously supporting and promoting personal health and wellness.

You can’t logic your way out of an emotional response … use your body